Not good.

Last Sunday, Riley was hanging out around the house. I opened our backdoor to put a plant outside, and he took off. We searched for 2 hours—we spotted him once on the roof of another apartment building, and once on a power line on the main road. After that, he disappeared. 

We had millet and his favorite cups, we called and whistled. He knows “come here pretty bird,” but it didn’t work. 

We called the local SPCA, we let our apartment complex know he was missing, and we posted the news on Facebook. We put his cage outside and spent the afternoon on the back porch, chatting so he’d hear our voices. 

He hasn’t come back, and no one has tried to contact us. 

It’s been a bad week. I brought him home just about a year ago. Back then, I lived alone in Michigan, with no friends or family close by. He was the little guy I talked to and spent all my home time with. 

He’d sit on my shoulder while I cooked, watched TV, read books, ate meals, listened to music. He met all of my school friends and learned songs from them (I can’t whistle).

The first year of law school is all the hell they say it is, but Riley was with me the whole time. I thought I’d have him for the next ten to fifteen years, that I’d be able to introduce him to my kids or nieces and nephews. 

I feel terrible.



I’ve done making 3 bird gyms from guava branches. I bought some icecream sticks & food coloring from a cake ingredient supplier, plastick/wooden beads, string (usually used for making bracelet/necklace), clip (usually used for wallet chain), and some other items from handicraft store. If you have 1 day to spend making your own bird toys, you’ll be amazed at how many you can make and how much money you can save. For toy parts, you can save up to 80% if you buy them NOT from a bird/pet store. For the handmade toy, you can save up to 95%. You don’t have to have a machine saw, a simple manual saw & 1 drill (for the icecream sticks) are the most sophisticated tools I have. :D You can also buy other natural materials like leather rope, bamboo chain, corn husk, etc from craft supplier. They are more expensive than plastic ones but still far cheaper than the same ones sold in a bird store. :)

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Riley (as a baby) tried to copy how humans eat hummus.